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PerfeKut Support

How do I get started?
Please watch the unboxing video and set-up videos:

How do I setup my PerfeKut?
Please watch the set-up video:
How do I remove the black rubber pads used in shipping from under the roller wheels?
Simply push down the roller tension lever on the left rear of the machine to release the roller tension, pull out the black rubber pads, and then pull the lever back up.
What do I need to get started?
Everything you need to get started is included in the box! You will receive the PerfeKut cutting machine, a box of accessories that include the power cord, 2 anti-slip mats, 2 squeegees, 15 sheets of screen protection film, additional blades and a screwdriver. You will also need WiFi for your PerfeKut machine to operate.
Will the PerfeKut machine still operate if my store doesn’t have WiFi?
PerfeKut needs to be connected to the Internet either through WiFi or a landline. If your store does not have Wi-Fi, there is an ethernet port on the right side of the machine you can connect directly to an Ethernet port in the wall. However, you will need to purchase the ethernet cable, it is not included with the PerfeKut machine.
Do you offer training on how to use the system?
The PerfeKut machine requires minimal training to operate and apply the film. However, we do offer training via instructional videos, printed manuals, and in-person training sessions based on our customer’s needs.

What is in my PerfeKut trial kit?
There are 15 sheets of clear screen protector film, 15 cleaning kits, and an instruction sheet.
How do I ensure that the blade is at the correct length?
The blade needs to be set at 4 or 5. When the blade is set at the correct length, you should be able to peel off the first three layers easily like what is shown in the installation video

To check if the blade is at the correct depth, do a test cut using one of your trail sheets of film. Set the knife at 4 first, and then select any front screen protector template and do a test cut. The knife should cut through the first three layers but not the last layer. If any part of the first three layers is not cut through, adjust the knife to 5 and do another test cut.
How long does it take to cut and install a screen protector?
The whole process from start to finish takes around 2-4 minutes for a typical smartphone: 30 seconds to select your device and load material, 15 seconds to cut, and 1-2 minutes to install onto the device.
How do I adjust the blade if I want to cut a back film?
The blade setting is the same for the back film as it is for the front film, there is no need to adjust the blade.
How do I eject the film if it is inserted crooked?
Press and hold the “down arrow”

in the interface – you will find this arrow after you’ve selected the device template, or simply push down the roller tension lever on the left rear of the machine to release, pull out the film, and then pull the lever back up.
What type of material is used for the screen protectors?
PerfeKut offers clear and matte films for screen protectors. Clear offers optical clarity, strength, and responsive user experience. Matte offers anti-fingerprint, a smooth touch, strength, and responsive user experience.
The fingerprint sensor of my new smartphone is not working since the film was installed, what do I do?
The film has been tested and is suitable for use with fingerprint sensors. We recommend the user re-register their fingerprint on the device after the screen protector has been installed.
How many device types are in your database?
We have more than 15,000 devices or as we like to call them, templates, in our database.
How long does it take to add a new device template to the database?
New device templates will be available 2 days after the new device has been launched.
The clear strip beside the rollers on the machine is lifting or damaged. Can I continue to use the machine?
If you experience this issue, please contact our PerfeKut support team at 1-866-955-2884 for further assistance.
How should I clean the cleaning cloth if it gets dirty?
Wash the cloth with mild soap or laundry detergent along with water. Let it air dry, do not place in the dryer.
How do I receive another squeegee, more cleaning kits, microfiber cloths, etc?
Please contact our PerfeKut support team at
How do I replace a blade?
Please watch the video here
When do I need to replace the mat?

You can continue using the mat even if it has cuts or scratches on it. If your mat is falling apart, please contact our PerfeKut support team at

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