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General Questions

General FAQ's
What’s the difference between a Steel 360 and an HD tempered glass screen protector?

Steel 360 Tempered Glass screen protector is 5 times stronger than other leading brands. Giving you the ultimate protection with our easy to install - Perfect Alignment Tray. Provides device protection against impacts and scratches. Now backed by PureGear's Pure Pledge Program. The PureGear Pure Pledge Program will reimburse you $100 towards the repair of their broken device screen!

Are your device screen protectors polarized?

No, they are not polarized. Most manufacturers polarize the screens of devices.

How do I create an account?

From the PureGear home page, in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen; click the link ‘Create an Account’ and complete the account registration.

What types of screen protectors does PureGear offer?

  • Steel 360 Tempered Glass: 5x Stronger than other leading brands backed by PureGear's PPP - Pure Pledge Program. 
  • HD Tempered Glass
  • Liquid Glass
  • Extreme Impact

What type of payment do you accept?

PureGear accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

How do I charge my devices with my Powerbank?

Using your own USB charging cable, insert the USB 2.0 plug into the USB 2.0 port on the battery. Charging will automatically begin and the status lights will flash. If the lights do not flash, press the power button.

What is USB – C?

Simply put, USB – C provides a wider range of possible implementations than ever before, ranging from faster data and power speeds through to extra optional multimedia features.

Would my 36W USB – C wall charger be able to charge my MacBook?

Yes, you can charge most USB – C equipped devices with this charger.

How do I take off my screen protector?

o Start off by lifting the screen protector from a corner. Try a corner at a time until one of them gives. Be patient and very gentle— there’s no need to use too much force. If you have too much trouble lifting a corner loose, try a toothpick. Point the end upwards, AWAY from the phone’s screen. o Once the corner begins to give and you see the tempered glass separating from the phone, you’re going to need to resist the urge to just quickly remove it all at once. If you do, and you break the screen, it’s okay. It will just make this process take longer. As the corner starts to lift, it helps to place a separator (something thin like a post-it note) between the protector and the phone. With the protector in place, move on to the next closest corner and do the same. Repeat this process on each corner. On the last corner, keep lifting slowly until the protector is fully separated. Keep in mind how important it is to take your time and be patient or you’ll have to remove tiny pieces of glass from your phone.

How do I charge my bluetooth keyboard?

Use the included charging cable, and insert the USB B connector (smaller connector) to your Bluetooth Keyboard into the small USB port. 2. Plug the USB A connector (larger connector) into a power adapter or your computer. 3. The CHARGE indicator light will be red when charging. When the keyboard is fully charged, the light will go off. Tips: • In an effort to save energy, the keyboard will go into SLEEP mode after 10 minutes. Press any key on the keyboard to WAKE it up – this may take a few seconds. • DO NOT USE any other cable for charging. • Please note the function keys may vary based on tablet make and model.

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